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Frequently Asked Questions:

We have compiled this very short list of frequently asked questions from our real life experience. Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered here.

How much do I need to insure for?

You should choose a sum insured that represents the value of ALL of your guns and accessories. The values chosen for items that are in current production should be the new replacement cost of those items, for older out of production items the value chosen should be the market value as determined by the various gun trading websites. To expand further on this point, if a rifle that had been out of production for 50 years was stolen the claim would be based on the value of similar items in the market, (which for a 50 year old gun would be likely to be far more than its original cost). Please ensure you are selecting the correct sums insured on your policy and remember it can assist with claims if you have recent invoices or valuations, we do not insist on valuations in all cases, but recommend where possible that you do.

How will claims be settled?

Assuming that you have chosen the correct sum insured as outlined above, claims will be met by either repairing or providing the replacement cost of items beyond economic repair.

What about claims where I have sets and pairs?

Again assuming the correct sums insured have been chosen, claims will repair or return the sets or pairs to the item's value and level immediately prior to the loss